About Us

TOADS – The Old Alresford Dramatic Society – was formed in 1986.  It was a momentous year; Argentina won the Football World Cup, knocking England out in a match that featured Diego Maradona’s “Hand of God” goal. The USA bombed Libya.  The Soviet Union disclosed details of the Chernobyl disaster.  Closer to home, it was the year that the village school and the village shop and Post Office closed.  Our aims today remain as they were when we were founded; to try to keep village life going, to provide a focal point for the people in the Parish of Old Alresford and to give the children of the village something to do.

Who Are The Members?

A cheerful, if slightly mad, bunch of people from all walks of life, both from within and outside of the Old Alresford Parish. Many of our members participate as families, as our activities are broadly inclusive of youngsters as well as adults.

We welcome anyone who wishes to be a member. Performers are welcome from the age of 8 (unfortunately we can’t have performers younger than that for insurance purposes).  If you would like to “tread the boards”  then we would love to hear from you.  Experience is not necessary, but enthusiasm certainly is!

Do I Have To Be A Performer To Join?

Absolutely not!  If you would prefer to be a non-acting member, perhaps helping with costumes, scenery painting or many of the other hundred and one jobs there are to be done, then you will be very welcome. We don’t just need people to tread the boards, we need help carrying, sawing and painting them too!

If you are happy just to support us, receive our newsletters and join in the various social events and theatre outings that we have during the year, then we will welcome you too!  It is a great way to meet new friends and neighbours.

What Do You Do?

We have two performances each year – a Spring Show in May and a Pantomime, usually in the first week of December, both of which run for four days. Our venue is the Christy Hall, Old Alresford and we can seat from 54 to 70 people a night. All of our shows are compiled by our own members, and the Pantomimes, while being loosely based on traditional ones, have a very local flavour.

How Do I Join?

Please go to the contacts page and email our Membership Secretary, they will be in touch.